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Effective Training Services: Providing relevant soft skill training programs and developing customized applications for corporates

Financial Modelling Training(Excel Based)

In today's ever-changing business environment to accurately forecast the volatile economic environment financial modelling is a critical skill for business professionals, the capability to write simple spreadsheets is just not enough. You have to be able to incorporate "what if" analysis to stress all project limits. At MTS we have customized training programs for such skill set.

Develop Customized Models

Business decisions and most routine financial roles are increasingly made based on a financial model built in Excel. A well structured financial model can facilitate and improve the reliability, quality and timeliness of your decision-making. Models can be developed for many different areas, such as investment appraisal, capital planning, budgeting, valuation, financial analysis and forecasting.

Develop Customized Dashboards

Most corporates still use static reports rather than dynamic dashboards. The static nature of reports makes them fall out favor when one wants to compare trends over time in a dynamic way. A dashboard reduces report preparation time such that more focus is placed on interpreting report results. Dashboards can be developed to replace weekly, monthly, quarterly and any periodic reports.

Customized Systems

Custom Build Models & Systems: Designed To Solve Specific Challenges.

School Administration System

This is a cloud based system which can be accessed by several users concurrently. The system can be used for any number of students. The system manages school fees, groceries, inventory and basic school activities. The system is compatible with any computer which can open google page. Currently users can view but not limited to the following: student report, supplier's report, Cashflow report, inventory report, debtors' & creditors report.

Asset Tracking & Numbering

This System helps companies to have autonomy on managing their assets and this model allows regular asset audit without much hassles. The model was integrated with our asset management system hence there is flawless interaction from coding of assets to their management.

Car Hire System

This system is used in the car hire industry and it has been customized per company. Users only need to log in vehicles in and out, then all reports are generated automatically. The system also enables users to manage their sub hires too and has a dynamic way of counting days as well excess distance calculation. This system is cloud based and can be intregrated with gps management software to evaluate mileage against dollar value of trips.

Bills Of Material System

A cloud based system suitable for productions firms who want to monitor their production formulas. This system informs a company on how they should adjust recipes and how much to adjust with. Variances in production are monitored on every batch, shift, day, week and for any period.

Inventory Management System

This system is suitable for items which are not frequently moved in and out of stock for example corporate stationery, cleaning and canteen material. Inventory levels report are produced automatically; inventory checks are done automatically to enable automatic alerts when inventory levels are at critical levels.

Agrisol Farm Management Information System (FMIS)

Its an Agricultural information system where agricultural information is generated, transformed, transferred, consolidated, received and fed back in such a manner that these processes function synergistically to underpin knowledge utilization by Farmers.

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Love Mabasa (Old Mutual)

This Course has enabled me to present organizational data in different dimensions and make reports written in shortest possible time. I like most the part where we build a model putting the SUMIFS, MATCH & INDEX at work especially the nesting of the last two.

Emmanuel Black (NHS)

The approach approach to taking the course was great. Some fundamental techniques in data cleaning made my life easier since then. Connecting excel to some external data sources is key when working with huge data sets.

David Madyausiku (NEC Agriculture)

The technique of pivoting data into a model taught in this course simplified the way i can get summarized numbers from huge data set by a few drags & drops. This technique doesn't require me to write FORMULAS but still i can achieve dynamic analysis.

Kalpesh Pashotam (Connect Africa)

The teaching approach is good even for refreshers like me that i even recommended this course to my employees.

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