The main purpose of the course is to introduce Excel as analytical tool. Participants will be taught key fundamentals to become efficient with excel. Key shortcuts & basic techniques will be taught Students will be introduced to Pivot tables and the principles applied in using these tables for analysis and dashboard presentation. • Click to download
The main purpose of the course is to take the analytical skill using Excel to another level. Participants will be taken through the most advanced formulas as well as the techniques. This course is designed for those who do key data analysis for organisations. The course is appended by building a financial model. • Click to download
This course is designed to teach delegates how to create an Excel dashboard for analysing and reporting on data. A dashboard typically contains an accumulation of charts, pivot tables, slicers and radio buttons. Participants will have an opportunity to build two dashboards using Pivot tables and Statistical & Math functions • Click to download
This course introduces macros in VBA and Delegates will learn how to program in VBA. Automation of repetetive tasks is the cornestone of the course. This course equips students with the skill of number crunchings in shortest possible time. This programming language can be used as a firm base to learn other programming languages. • Click to download
This sample dashboard shows the perfomance by an Agricultural division of a company. Users can play around with the radio buttons provided to see various dimensions of the data.This can only be used for promotional services only. • Click to download