Corporate Strength in Staff Skills

Our Services & Models

Financial Modelling Training (Excel Based).

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) training.

Developing customized models.

Dashboards and Reports.

Asset Tracking & Numbering

This model defines our trajectory in financial modelling using excel, this is an excel VBA based solution. It helps companies to have autonomy on managing their assets and this model allows regular asset audit without much hassles. The model was integrated with our asset management system hence there is flawless interaction from coding of assets to their management.

Agrisol System (F.M.I.S)

Its an Agricultural information system where agricultural information is generated, transformed, transferred, consolidated, received and fed back in such a manner that these processes function synergistically to underpin knowledge utilization by Farmers.

Bills Of Material System

A cloud based system suitable for productions firms who want to monitor their production formulas. This system informs a company on how they should adjust recipes and how much to adjust with. Variances in production are monitored on every batch, shift, day, week and for any period.

About Masthead Training Services

Masthead Training Services is a privately owned company comprised of a team of dedicated professionals with years of individual experience in training, development of financial models, Big Data Analytics and Systems Development. The company is growing strength to strength by providing effective training courses as well as relevant solutions to solve industrial problems. Masthead Training Services started operations in 2017 with the mandate to provide training of Microsoft Products which include Power BI, Microsoft Office Applications which include Microsoft Excel and Power Point. We also provide robust analytical models which are ready to be deployed and are customized as per client’s requirement. The business idea was mooted on the grounds of satisfying a niche in the analytics industry since most employees are using Microsoft Office products without going through a formal training hence they are not utilizing these products to the fullest. The company is backed by a competent and passion driven team of professionals in all aspects of business, from training through to our models development staff who are fully trained in financial modelling.

Our Core Values

• Passion for clients: We put our customers first in everything we do, driven by our passion for financial modelling.
• Respect for business ethics: Our operations are directed as stipulated in the Companies’ Act and the Memorandum of Association.
• Achievement and contribution: We strive for excellence thus each team member’s contribution is critical to our success.
• Results through teamwork: We effectively collaborate; to bring efficient ways in training and performing financial modeling.
• Uncompromising integrity: We work with client data hence we treat it with confidentiality.